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3 Step 30-45 Minute Chicken

Rough estimates of macros

60 Grams protein

100 Grams carbohydrates

15 Grams fat

Around 750 calories

Consists of

- 2 chicken breasts

- Bell peppers, Baby Bella mushrooms

- Jasmine rice

- Chicken seasoning, salt, turmeric, olive oil, low sodium soy sauce

A simple but great tasting recipe for a well balanced lunch or dinner

Prep- For 1 cup of jasmine rice place two cups of water to boil. For chicken and veggies bring two pans and begin pre heating (temp will vary on your stove top) for the amount you will be making ( I used one pack of chicken breasts, 1 large green bell pepper, 2 mini peppers enough for a lunch with chicken leftovers to be used for my dinner). Meanwhile a large enough bowl to place a pack of defrosted chicken. Next mix in a package of chicken with your choice of store bought seasoning ensure to get all sides. last bring a cutting board out to make all bell peppers and mushrooms smaller for cooking in a pan.

Cook- once the water is to a boil add in the cup of jasmine rice some salt, turmeric, and olive oil stir around and leave covered for 15 mins (again varies on your stovetop). place veggies onto pre heated pan (medium to high heat) add and mix olive oil and salt around pan to speed up cooking leave uncovered. Place chicken onto pre heated pan (medium to high depending on amount of chicken) leave covered. Veggies will probably be the first to start being ready move around and add soy sauce in towards the end until they are softened up. By this time the rice will probably be next, turn off heat and take pan off once rice is ready you will know due to water being absorbed and tasting a small amount for your desired texture. Last up is the chicken 165 degrees is the minimum to take off the stove, once finished take pan off the heat and slice however many you want for your meal ( I used 2 chicken breasts as pictured above) save any leftovers and store in the fridge for later!


- if your smaller or larger than myself consider the size of your plate either making it smaller or larger to help with portion control we all have different calorie needs and goals!

- don't be afraid to mix it up with the spices on the chicken or veggies.

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