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A single days work

Long slow distance training

Today’s exercise implementation for the day is a long slow distance day. For me in my training I have two days of aerobic exercise a week to keep my cardiovascular system healthy and for better daily quality of living. Some of the benefits derived from aerobic exercise would be improving your own V02 max or maximal aerobic power, reductions in blood pressure for those who are hypertensive, body composition when done correctly, positive bone and connective tissue adaptations, enhanced insulin sensitivity. My goal from today’s workout was to keep an 8:00 min per mile pace for a total of 4.5 miles. Below you can see how high my heart rate was and how well I was able to stick to my goal. I highly recommend the use of a heart rate monitor with it so you can track your time using the app, distance, and your work rate for another way to structure your aerobic training. While I do not recommend working at that heart rate for most people due to my age and level of training, I am able to maintain a higher heart rate in general. The main thing with this type of training though is to one add .25 mile weekly to my distance for a progression that not only allows my body to adapt but as well as the numbers side and two keep my average pace at 8:00 mins per mile. If you are interested more in this type of training please do not hesitate to email me or DM me any questions for a more in depth look based on your current needs and goals.

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